PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains and PVC Screens can make your environment much safer and better planned. A flexible implement for controlling noise, dust, fumes and yet allowing easy access and visibility on your shop floor. Our PVC curtains are made with variable thicknesses, widths and heights for all purposes.

Transparent PVC Strip Curtains, Clear White PVC Strip Curtains, Normal Grade PVC Strip Curtains, Standard PVC Strip Curtains, Chennai, India, Bangalore
Transparent PVC Strip Curtains

Standard grade PVC Strip Curtains are used in small interior pedestrian doorways to large exterior warehouse doors, with good light transmission

Cold Storage PVC Strip Curtains, Cold Room PVC Strip Doors, Freezer Room Plastci Strip Curtains, Chennai, India, Bangalore
Cold Storage PVC Strip Curtains

Polar grade PVC plastic strip curtains is ideal for cold stores, refrigerated vehicles and freezer rooms; suitable for temperatures of +25C to -40C

Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtains, Welding Area PVC Strip Curtains, Chennai, India, Bangalore
Welding PVC Strip Curtains

Welding grade PVC plastic strip minimises the risk of 'welding flash' to other employees that may be in close proximity to welding.

Insect Control PVC Strip Curtains, Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtains, Chennai, India, Bangalore
Insect Curtains and Barriers

Insect control PVC strip for doorways, prevents insects from entering food preparation areas and warehouse facilities.

Applications for PVC strip curtain also comprise warehouse, food environments, industrial, cold rooms, welding screens, refrigerated vehicles, sound attenuation booths, internal doorways, temperature controlled lorries, Temporary or permanent partitioning, hospitals and agricultural buildings.